Picturing Sound

To some, it may suggest a way to visualize an audio signal; to others, it may bring to mind the visual cues a live performer gives the audience to help them understand the structure of the music; for others it may suggest creating sound for picture or creating moving images in response to sound; it may suggest generating both sound and image from the same data stream; or it may suggest new ways of performing live cinema or creating sound art with a visual component.

Montana State University and Symbolic Sound invite you to join us as we explore the theme “Picturing Sound” through the four, intensely interactive days and nights of words, film, and live performances that comprise the 7th annual Kyma International Sound Symposium in Bozeman, Montana, 9-12 August 2015. Learn more than you ever thought possible and return home with a fresh shot of inspiration and a network of new international colleagues and friends.

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Two site-specific sub-themes will also pervade the talks, performances and discussions:

First Contact: Bozeman is known as the fictional site of Earth’s first contact with an alien species (the Vulcans) in the film Star Trek: First Contact. Astrobiology, science fiction, and the origin and nature of life on Earth.

Yellowstone: Bozeman is about an hour from Yellowstone National Park, a highly suggestive landscape of biological and geological extremes. Montana State is also the home of LifeOnTERRA, an award-winning sci­ence and nat­ural his­tory pod­cast overseen by graduate students in the MFA in Science and Natural History Filmmaking Program at Montana State University.

This year, we are pleased to have an ensemble-in-residence: SoundProof, a performance trio known for their explorations of the new territories between live acoustic performance and technology: Patricia Strange (violin), Stephen Ruppenthal (trumpet, flugelhorn, text-sound composer), and Brian Belet (viola, bass, & Kyma processing)

Also featured this year are live performances based on “Arranged Marriages” between Kyma sound artists and Montana film makers. Summer collaborations will be consummated in a live sound-to-picture performance programmed on one of the four evening concerts at KISS2015!